About Us

KP Fitness Ltd is all about you, our client. For you to firmly make a change in your life, and gain the massive benefits from a healthy life that you deserve.

KP Fitness Ltd was founded in 2012. Kelly Dodds, a highly experienced Fitness Instructor is also the Director of KP Fitness Ltd. After many years of helping clients, Kelly has put all her knowledge & experience into creating bootcamp packages, that are highly rewarding, fun, professional & socially rewarding, as you are bound to make new friends on your journey with us!

Our mission at KP Fitness Ltd is to create a lifestyle programme that re-energises, informs and inspires you to permanently change the way you look, feel and perform. Our bootcamp is the complete package which includes the exercise programme, nutritional information, weight / measurement records, guidance on the foods you currently consume, and instructors are on call to support you 24/7.

At KP Fitness we understand that joining a bootcamp can appear daunting, but you no longer need to fear! We have customised all the programmes, so that they start at a level, that caters all fitness levels, and progress to a higher intensity as you progress on your journey with us. We pride ourselves on the great results that our clients get, but also on the friendly nature of our instructors, which in turn provides a great team spirit amongst clients.

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