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Basingstoke Camp

Basingstoke Bootcamp is run by our highly experienced instructor Kelly Dodds, pictured right. Kelly has 8 years experience in the fitness industry. Kelly is also a 1st Degree Black Belt in Chinese Kickboxing, and she enjoys teaching this in a class she runs.

From Kelly I provide continuing support for my clients, as for me this is very important. Support is the foundation for success, it improves confidence, thus leading to better motivation and finally great results. I love making classes fun, I find if a client is having fun whilst exercising, then they get a better output when it comes to exercise. Exercise should be fun, it is fun, and by coming to bootcamp you are guaranteed to make new friends as well as work hard.

Whilst I say that fun is a key element, nothing beats the overall importance of what you have come to achieve, results. Results require commitment, dedication, and listening to instructor advice. If you can provide these key elements then you will see fantastic results. Come and give my bootcamp a go and see for yourself!

Personal Training

If bootcamp is not for you, then KP Fitness do provide a personal training package. Kelly Dodds has many years experience in personal training clients, so just like the bootcamp, you are guaranteed the same great results, on a 1-1 basis. Each session is created on the foundations of your fitness level, and your progression will be monitored closely. With the personal training, we also look at your dietary intake, and your weight / body measurements will be recorded.

We like to maintain convenience for our clients; therefore we are able to have to visit clients at their homes, for their personal training sessions. This is subject to distance and travel time.

Virtual Training

It does not matter where in the UK, World even, because KP Fitness can help you lose weight, no matter where you are! With our virtual training package, you can have the aid of a qualified personal trainer, who will support you during your program via telephone and email. Once you have completed the consultation forms, your personal trainer will create you a personal exercise program, specifically for your needs and requirements. You will also have your dietary intake monitored and you will be provided with information / tips on how to improve your nutritional needs. Just like the bootcamps we provide, with the virtual training package you will be provided with support 24/7, so you have the continuance guidance to help you get the best results possible.

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